Guild Institute of Gemology Alumni Master Class Series


January 2023

Author: GUILD

By bringing industry experts at the source of the supply chain and the highest levels of expertise our Alumni can receive market information from experienced and knowledgeable leaders allowing for business planning. Knowing what has happened, what is happening, and what likely will happen in the global market. 

Some of the examples of industry leaders we have brought in from around the world to conduct our Master Class series include:


Clement Sabbagh, President International Colored Gemstone Association (ICA)

As President of the International Colored Gemstone Association Mr. Clement Sabbagh has his finger on the pulse of the global industry from mining, cutting, trading, and retail. And has frequently shared the state of the industry with Guild institute of Gemology.


Sean Gilbertson, CEO Gemfields Mozambique Ruby and Zambian Emerald

As CEO of what many consider to be the biggest colored gemstone mining company Mr. Sean Gilbertson constantly supports Guild Institute of Gemology with the latest production and market information for Mozambique ruby and Zambian emerald as well as what to expect in the near future. 


Marcelo Ribeiro

Director Belmont Emerald Mine and ICA Advisor for Brazil

The Belmont Emerald Mine is by far the biggest and most consistent producer of Brazilian emerald and a major global emerald producer. It is one of the most consistent colored gemstone mining operations in the world with constantly increasing production that can sustain for many decades. Mr. Marcelo Ribeiro also consistently provides Guild Institute of Gemology with the latest information for production and the market as well as what is coming next.


Edwin Molina, President Colombian Emerald Producers Association

As the major shareholder on one of the most importantly producing emerald mines in Colombia, the Cunas Mine, and the Head of the Producers Association Mr. Edwin Molina has provided Guild Alumni with accurate and timely production and market information and insight into Colombian emeralds.


Guillermo Galvis, President Colombian Emerald Exporters Association

As President of the Colombia Emerald Exporters Association Mr. Guillermo Galvis daily sees the state of the Colombian emerald industry for inventory and prices. He generously shares this data and his highly valuable insight with Guild Institute of Gemology and our Alumni. 


Peter Bracher, Executive Director Paspaley Australian South Sea Pearl

Producing over 80% of all Australian South Sea cultured pearls Paspaley is the dominant company that can provide all the market and production information for Australian South Sea cultured pearls and Mr. Peter Bracher graciously provides this information in our interviews through Zoom directly from Australia. 


Jacques Branellec, Executive Vice President and Deputy CEO Jewelmer Golden Philippines South Sea Pearls

The finest of the rare golden South Sea cultured pearls are often considered to come from the Philippines and the company Jewelmer controls over 80% of the Philippine production. Mr. Jacques Branellec informs our Alumni of the current and most likely future state of the availability and market directly from the Philippines.


Ashim Roy Chief Operations Officer FURA Gems Mozambique Ruby, Colombian Emerald, Australian Sapphire

As an important producer of Mozambique Ruby, Coscuez Colombian emerald, and Australian sapphire FURA Gems provides Guild Institute of Gemology with information regarding their important productions for the market. Mr. Ashim Roy brings expert commentary for the FURA operation, their productions, and market. 


Sergio Martins President Stone World Brazil

With decades of mine-to-market experience Mr. Sergio Martins can describe all the major emerald producing areas of Brazil, the type of emerald from each deposit, and their current state. 


Damien Cody, Executive Director Cody Opal

Cody Opal is a household name in the opal industry and in the colored gemstone industry. Mr. Damien Cody brings to our Master Class lecture series expert understanding of the most difficult colored gemstone to understand, opal.


Menahem Sevdermish CEO Gemewizard and GemePrice

Years of Master cutting experience, global colored gemstone experience, white and Fancy Colored Diamond experience and technology leading experience Mr. Menahem Sevdermish is a leader in the Israeli industry and in the industry digital technology field, sharing the latest with GIG Alumni in all these areas. 


Kobi Sevdermish CEO Advanced Quality Cutting

Carrying on the tradition of his father Mr. Menahem Sevdermish, Mr. Kobi Sevdermish is an expert for precision top quality colored gemstone cutting and market with a factory in Bangkok Thailand as well as Ramat Gan Israel. He also is one of the leading buyers for colored gemstones in East Africa. Mr. Kobi Sevdermish is known for “looking to the future” at the International colored Gemstone Association and brings the future to our Alumni. 


Paula Crevoshay, Crevoshay Designs

Literally known as the “Queen of Color” award winning and master designer Paula Crevoshay educates and inspires the use of colored gemstones in designer jewelry in ways that no one has ever approached. Paula Crevoshay generously shares her design philosophy and inspirations for color to our Alumni. 

In addition to global “Master Experts” from around the world GIG also incorporates our Expert Senior Instructor staff to bring the latest gemological and trade information incorporated in the classroom to all our Alumni. So, all Alumni members can be kept up to date of the ever fast changing gemological and market world of colored gemstones, pearls, and diamonds.

Guild Institute of Gemology is committed to keeping our Alumni and students at the forefront of the global market through our Master Class series. 

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