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The most valuable thing in the world. The most valuable luxury product in the world. The most valuable gemstone in the world. Fancy Color diamond can sell for more per carat than any other gemstone. The auction record setter for any jewels. Setting those that deal in this gem at a different level. The gemstone for the most discriminating of customers, Fancy Color diamonds are known to be the highest prized jewels of all. Is it as easy to deal in Fancy Color diamond as D to Z color diamonds? Is all you need a report? Not for the professional. Not for those who want the highest profit. Not for those who want to position correctly in the market and the goods they buy. For those that want higher profit, better market position, and to be a Fancy Color diamond professional deeper knowledge is needed.  Fancy Color Diamond is not a commodity like white diamond. For those with knowledge it is an opportunity.

Course topics

• History and Lore

• Separating from synthetics and imitations

• Understanding treatments and their market importance

• Learn the full color range of fancy Color diamond (nowhere else shown in complete detail)

• The real range of Fancy Color diamond color grades

• Determining value differences between color hues

• Determining value differences between modifying hues

• Determining value differences between the color range for each grade (nowhere else taught)

• Determining value differences for clarity grades

• Determining value differences for size changes

• Understanding the wide range of Even Color and the impact on appearance

• Detailed Market analysis of the different Fancy Color diamonds

• Looking at Fancy Color diamonds like a professional

Face to face

Intensive in the classroom with expert instruction combining theoretical, lecture, and hands-on.

The fastest way to learn the most knowledge and gain the most hands-on experience. Learn from expert instructors there to work directly with you and guide you through each level of knowledge and hands-on practice. Meet other leading professionals from every segment of the industry and all over China. Connect with resources in the classroom and through our alumni. Our classroom Gemology Programs are for those seeking to be the experts in the market for Fancy Color Diamond and the industry leaders.


Graduate Fancy Color Diamond Gemologist


Who is Guild Education For

•Wholesale dealers wanting expertise in fancy color diamond

•Investors wanting investment opportunities in fancy color diamond

•Serious consumers, connoisseurs, and collectors of gemstones

•Those looking to become fancy color diamond expert

•Those looking to improve their fancy color diamond business or expand into fancy color diamond•

•Those seeking direct connection at global manufacturing and trading centers

•Those seeking first pick at the global inventory of gems

•Those seeking competitive advantage


•Travel lovers

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Course Length

6 days

Unit Price


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