Guild Gemology Education was founded in Shenzhen and is a gemological education institution based on over four decades of gemological laboratory research, educational course development, global gem source, supply chain and market research, and Field Gemology.




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Starting with Charles Carmona based in Los Angeles a Master appraiser and gemologist famous for laboratory certificates, appraisals, gemological books, and field work with the World Bank to develop production and upward value chain development in source mining countries such as Vietnam and Tanzania. Then with Guild Gem Laboratories bringing advanced and intensive gemological training including industry leading grading standards, country of origin criteria, and treatment detection, and the latest gemological research.

Finally with Andrew Lucas bringing over three decades of mine-to-market global gem and jewelry industry research including twenty-eight years of educational development, teaching, Field Gemology diamond, colored gemstone, pearl, and jewelry industry global supply chain research, documentaries, articles, and gemological laboratory sample collection from mines at the Gemological Institute of America. Andrew Lucas emphasis in Education is to provide first-hand information that is real-world, practical, accurate and provides our students with the advantages needed to today’s highly competitive gem and jewelry industry. Stressing turning theoretical and laboratory gemology into industry practical. Showing global resource connection, evaluation, opportunities in the supply chain, how to create the next opportunities with gemstones, and the gemology needed for the real-world gem and jewelry industry.


Guild Gemology Education has been committed in discovering and sharing international first-line industry information, breaking the barriers between China and the international gem industry chain through our gemological courses, corporate courses, Essential courses, appreciation courses, field research, field classes, Industry Master broadcasts, and industry forums.


Guild Gemology Education also dedicates to popularizing gemological knowledge and making efforts to contribute to the development of China's gem industry. As well as popularizing gemstones throughout China. Through the highly trained, expert professional courses, instructional staff, and broadcasts Guild Gemology Education is committed to providing professional training for the gem and jewelry industry, as well as promotion of gemstones to the public.


April 2022

Guild Gemology Education expands their curriculum with their Graduate Fancy Color Diamond Gemologist course. With leading Israeli technology GemeWizard and hands on Fancy Color natural diamonds, treated diamonds, synthetic diamonds, and specially formulated masterstone CZs Guild offers a unique Fancy color diamond course that focuses on grading, and global pricing.

April 2021

The Junior Gemologist class was launched for primary and secondary school students to introduce them to the world of gemstones from mine-to-market and through fun experiments tie gemology into their other science education courses such as geology and chemistry.

February, 2021

The Journey of Gemstones book authored by Andrew Lucas and Ruby Liu is published. The first Field gemology book covering 13 major colored gemstone mining areas and the story of each.

March, 2021

The Guild Gemology Education launches its Graduate Colored Gemstone Gemologist program online with a flexible study anytime format. Students can choose to study only online or also get the hands-on experience through short Lab classes. Thus, making guild professional gemology training available to everyone in China. 

June, 2020

Guild Gemology Education brings it’s Ruby and Sapphire Identifying and evaluation course from the classroom to a flexible study online format. Beginning the development of our full online education program. 

January, 2020

The Guild Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald Essentials courses are released in a highly flexible online format taught by Guild Gemology Education President Andrew Lucas bringing our philosophy of what is essential knowledge for these gems. That is an in-depth amount of knowledge of history, lore, gemology, grading, sources, supply chain, market, treatments and more. Everything needed by beginning industry members to professionals in a short, learn anytime, online format. By demand Guild Gemology Education added spinel to the essentials program in 2021.

July, 2020

Guild Gemology Education launches Colored Gemstone Identification and Evaluation course, covering important colored gemstones such as spinel, garnets, aquamarine, alexandrite, tourmaline, and others. This course was structured on the same proven format as the emerald and the ruby and sapphire courses now completing an entire colored gemstone modular education program earning students completing all three courses the coveted title Graduate Colored Gemstone Gemologist Diploma.

October, 2020

Guild Gemology Education begins their Appreciation of Gemstones and Jewelry training for end customers at VIP customer events for the top global couture brands and high-end jewelry houses. Teaching appreciation for gems and jewelry worth millions of USD to the most discriminating customers.




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