Pearls Identification and Grading


The Queen of Gems. The most intimate gem as the most common form to be worn are strands touching the skin. One of the most captivating gems as the pearly luster draws the viewer into the beautiful nacre. A highly versatile gem as the neutral colors can be worn with anything or a rainbow of colors can be available for the more adventurous. Strands of pearls are a must have jewelry item for almost any woman. But what does it take to buy and sell pearls? What distinguishes a professional making profit from others? Knowledge is the key. How to grade, how to evaluate, how the market and supply chain works, and how to win over confidence in your customers.

Course topics

• History and Lore

• Positive Identification of pearl from imitations

• The difference between and separating natural from cultured pearls

• Cultured pearls explained from securing baby mollusks to nucleation to growth periods to harvest

• Determining pearl type, Akoya, South Sea, Tahitian, Freshwater

• Determination of color and luster treatments

• Market and value differences of treated pearls depending on pearl type

• Colors the different pearl types come in

• Color grading and the impact of color in the market and on value for each pearl type

• Luster grading and the differences in luster depending on pearl type

• Surface characteristics grading

• Estimating nacre thickness and the differences for each pearl type

• Size and value for each pearl type

• Market position for each pearl type

• Supply chain from Farm-to-Market

• Where the opportunities are in the global supply chain for each pearl type

• Promoting the characteristics for each pearl type

Face to face

Intensive in the classroom with expert instruction combining theoretical, lecture, and hands-on. The fastest way to learn the most knowledge and gain the most hands-on experience. Learn from expert instructors there to work directly with you and guide you through each level of knowledge and hands-on practice. Meet other leading professionals from every segment of the industry and all over China. Connect with resources in the classroom and through our alumni. Our classroom Gemology Programs are for those seeking to be the experts in the market for pearls and the industry leaders.


Graduate Pearls Gemologist

珍珠面授课程证书.jpgGraduate Pearls Gemologist
Who is Guild Education For

·Wholesale dealers wanting expertise in pearls

·Investors wanting investment opportunities in pearls

·Serious consumers, connoisseurs, and collectors of gemstones

·Those looking to become the pearls expert

·Those looking to improve their pearls business or expand into pearls

·Those seeking direct connection at global manufacturing and trading centers

·Those seeking first pick at the global inventory of gems

·Those seeking competitive advantage


·Travel lovers

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Course Length
4 days
Unit Price

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