Emerald Identification and Evaluation Course


The course builds a systematic emerald knowledge system, including the origin identification and treatment characteristics, for students to connect with the laboratory and analyze the special samples in order to get close to the market. Consequently help students learn and memorize the distinctive features of treatment for future practical applications.

The course will focus on the value and trading market of emeralds, and interpret all aspects of emeralds internationally. Through the accumulation of big data, track the auction market over the years to determine the future market trend.

At the same time, GUILD will share the experience of the emerald mining area field trip, share the documentary film of the mining area, tell the story of the mine owner, and also lead everyone to the emerald mining area and the source of procurement.


Course topics
  • Chapter One  Emerald History and Lore

  • Chapter Two  Emerald Gemological Characteristics and Imitation Identification

  • Chapter Three  Emerald Synthetics

  • Chapter Four  Emerald Treatment

  • Chapter Five  Emerald Origin Introduction and Determination

  • Chapter Six  Emerald Quality Evaluation

  • Chapter Seven  Emerald Mine and Industrial Chain

  • Chapter Eight  Emerald Market and Auction Information

  • Chapter Nine  Market Trend Analysis 

Class Veue

Online-teaching, you can choose to have your courses any places at your convenience 

Online course certificate
Graduate Advanced Emerald Gemologist

Graduate Advanced Emerald Gemologist

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